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We think you’ll like doing business with us. When you work with MicroFuze IT, we consider you part of our community. We provide value, we create meaningful relationships and we enjoy life. We make a difference for our customers and our community. We eliminate redundancies. And because we’re experienced and innovative, you can bet that we provide effective and hassle-free execution.

We know that the challenges a business can face can be overwhelming and a lot of times can be pushed to the side. You do not have to face it alone though. Our staff here has many years of hands-on experience in the industry. When we can combine our experience and expertise we can pass that on your company helping ease the burden of the IT challenges you may face. We offer a variety of services in which can be modified to fit each companies needs as not every company will have the same needs.

Proactive IT Services and Support

Our experienced IT consulting team is comprised of vibrant, diverse professionals who have extensive information technology and business process experience. Our talented team does business with integrity and pursues improvement each and every day to ensure our IT support and service is second to none. We are passionate about learning the latest technologies so we can bring our customers cutting-edge IT solutions. We continuously innovate and break through barriers to give you the very best overall solutions.

We also have many offerings of cloud software that can help maximize your productivity in the office as well as out of the office. Our portfolio continues to grow as the needs of the industry change. Some of our offerings we have are Office 365, Data Loss Prevention, Disaster Recovery solutions, Managed hosting of servers via Google or Microsoft Azure.

We believe that every business deserves a customized approach from its technology solutions provider. Let our friendly and knowledgeable staff come to work for you taking away the burden of technology so that you can focus on growing your business. Call us to schedule a free consultation.

Maintaining Your Entire IT Infrastructure

We have a world class software that we have exclusive access to that allows us to manage and maintain your entire IT infrastructure no matter where you are. This software runs 24x7x365 days a year constantly watching your whole infrastructure. In turn, if it senses a hardware failure, software failure, anti-virus issues, software and hardware updates and much more, it will automatically start repairing and correcting these issues before you ever knew there was an issue. Our staff works hard around the clock keeping up with all the latest industry changes, security updates, and technology so that you can focus on your business and grow it.

MicroFuze IT develops and implements technology to improve our clients’ productivity, Profitability, and efficiency – while keeping there business protected. We enable our clients to become optimized businesses. MicroFuze IT offers a range of innovative business solutions to help solve your complex business challenges. Check out our business solutions and business drivers, or learn about the industries that use our technology products and services.

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